An Australian Averts Heart Attack With his DIY Approach

Heart attack

In Australia at a remote seaside settlement, at a small health clinic, a 44-year-old nurse sensed of having a heart attack and so he tried self-saving his life, said a report on Wednesday.

The man was alone at the health clinic and he experienced dizziness and severe chest pain, while in Coral Bay at a nursing post he was the main on-duty professional.  The next medical facility was 90 miles away and so he hooked an EKG by himself to show a heart block causing a heart attack.

The main again performed on himself another EKG and confirmed heart attack diagnosis. He immediately emailed to the Emergency Telehealth Service the results and got the real-time video to talk to the emergency physician.

Be inserted in his arms intravenous lines and self-administered with aspiring, painkillers, blood thinners and clot-dissolving drug tenecteplase.

He also prepared atropine, adrenaline and amiodarone and attached defibrillator pads that treat the problems of heart rhythm and the drugs worked and the heart attack reduced.

Next day, he was flown in Perth to a cardiology unit and a stent was inserted and in two days he went home. His DIY approach was perfect, but not recommended for everyone. The drug for clot-busting is a regular procedure and his medical knowledge helped to save his own life.

This case reveals the telemedicine importance, especially when hospitals are in rural areas. Godabout added ‘Telemedicine is crucial to help dealing emergencies’.

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