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The industry of Indian tourism is at all time high and the foreign tourists visiting India is record-breaking with every passing year.  The travel news India presents the fact there is an encouraging growth rate that is testifying the fact that travelers like visiting and the country is emerging as the sought after most countries.


We at trending online now also have great pride in stating that the latest travel news India reveals that the index of tourist competitive also is really impressive.


Another phenomenal accomplishment of the tourism sector travel news was the GDP contribution. This reveals that the latest lifestyle news emerges as a surprise that now more and more people are fond of traveling to places.  This is also one of the reasons that the travel news articles are increasing and many people are coming with new tips, hints and strategies.


The tourism news today is certainly a key incentive to the revenue intake for the country and it is an accomplishment that is worth noting. It has managed a massive engagement to ensure an impressive travel experience for tourists.


The latest travel news lists the countries that experienced tourist’s influx and surprisingly in India Bangladesh acquired the crown of entertaining maximum tourists. Though this travel news India came surprisingly, the fact cannot be ignored that Bangladesh leads the travel news.


As per the world travel news, there were many more countries mainly USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Malaysia, Russia, Germany, Sri Lanka and China, who also had high influx of tourists.  The benefit and the good factors of travel news cannot be ignored as Trip Advisor conducted study and observed mushrooming growth even in the inbound travel that includes Mizoram, Nicobar and Andaman Islands, Kerala, Bihar and Arunachal Pradesh.


The Ministry of Tourism is also working hard and bringing new schemes in the forefront that intends delivering tourism circuits based on themes across the country. Aiming to synergize the economic growth, tourism, employment and community development, many new attraction schemes are worked up on.


Knowing about the hospitality industry and the new openings give more reasons to get the latest travel news into working. In fact, Abu Dhabi also is the new tourist attractions receiving high influx of tourists and is recording an impressive number showing a steady rise. No doubt, good hospitality, local and regional trusted perspectives will offer good breaking news that will highlight tourism industry and come with thriving stories.


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