A Smartphone May Measure Blood Pressure, Suggest Early Research

Blood Pressure

A Smartphone allows now people to measure their blood pressure. There is no need to arm-squeezing. Of course, to know if the tech works perfectly, is too early, but if it does, many can check if they are at a  risk of heart disease or not.

The device in a study published that a 3D printed case was attached to a Smartphone back and on pressing a finger to a button; an app calculates your blood pressure. The device was tested and most had normal blood pressure.

The issue is with precision.  Hypertension or high blood pressure causes heart attacks, strokes and also kidney failure. Thus, blood pressure measuring is difficult. Even very simple things such as drinking a coffee or being stressed or even dangling legs in an exam table leads to wrong measurements. The arm-squeezing cuffs are not portable and clunky, besides are painful to older patients. So now scientists are creating or are working to create cuffless, portable devices so that the blood pressure is easily monitored multiple times every day.

People would love and it is a great idea, says Edgar Raymond Miller at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine expert for hypertension. He is not into this study and yet says the issue is with precision. Even, the Larner College of Medicine at the University of Vermont, an assistant professor, Timothy Plante agrees.

Certainly using a Smartphone and measuring blood pressure will be a game-changer, but right now it is early to confirm the working of the device.

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