Latest Education News and Articles

Education plays a crucial role in shaping an individual and now all the learning levels are permeated as it is essential to recognize the latest technology trends as they are the imperative modern-day education tool.


The current education news focuses technology that is making a foray steadily in education. We, trending online now are aware that knowledge is not limited to books and there is a need to use various apps, platforms like websites, live chats, videos, etc, so that you step the next level. Nowadays, in tier 1 and 2 cities, the colleges and schools have embraced this technology as education news today and make the learning interactive and fun.


Education Technology is also termed as ‘edtech’ and is now a growing sector.  As per daily education news it is expected for the online education market in India to reach high levels over $2.5 billion.


Combining technology with education helps students at all levels. The prominence of technology has become the education news India as the cities offer instructional videos and even the parents have begun opening to this platform that helps their wards in learning innovatively.


The education technology usage is not restricted to metros and cities alone, as believed. The fact as per latest education news is that the education technology is reaching the Tier II and Tier III cities as well.  The reason here is the access to appropriate instruction resources and channels available to city students.


The education news India has highlighted ‘edtech’ and it is interesting to see this evolvement. It was aimed at providing learning activities keeping it as education related games. Now, it is taken seriously and they are including technologies to promote the education and learning.


Lenovo launched for kids an electronic slate with an edtech company, ConveGenius. As per the research, the interest of children just waned away as they were found to be engaged in games. Thus, digitizing the world around means edtech is trying to develop creativity and personalizing thing sto suit each childs needs based on evaluation.


As per education news today, there is iAugmentor, a learning tool is an adaptive and personalized medium. This tool suggests intuitively a learning roadmap based on the learning competencies and tendencies and there is tracking progress constantly.


The online way of learning differs, though it is a component of edtech. There is a need for the child to interact and take part as per the latest education news.