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The advancement of technology has now brought everything into our hands that using our Smartphone we can acquire lots of information.  Especially, for automotive news do refer We provide update on automobile news and going through our website, you can enhance your knowledge regarding automobile related technology news.


We have an authority in the automobile industry. People wishing to know about regular automobile updates may check our automotive news today.  We make sure to offer a radical approach in true sense so that the hidden secrets come to light.  You can know about the auto industry news of all the big companies such as Lucas TVS is joining the electric vehicle lane and also that BMW will be introducing this year its redesigned X4 compact.


The automobile news today will be focusing on aggressive news and include all the details of 2018 that will be a year of progression. This is the time people have to go through different contents to know about recent trends in automobile.


There is a great need to understand about the new autonomous vehicles featuring minimal variables and how it relates autonomous technology.  The time has switched from keys to keyless entry and now this will be shifted to key-fob-less entry to start. The latest trends in automobile industry are unpredictable as there is a fast transformation with technology.


There is a lot going on that every day there is some latest news in automobile industry such as a new plant will make plastic and metal parts for Ford Motor and expects to employ around 400 people.


The latest trends in automobile industry are alarming as you can unlock and start using fingerprint and may be even your eyeball as retina scanners. Even the latest automobile news is about the US auto parts urging the government to approve NAFTA rules.  The US is demanding for sweeping changes.


Automobile news India also reveals passionate people of the automotive industry and this is apparent from the wide range of organizations and companies involved in motor vehicles manufacturing, development and also selling. In fact, the latest automobile news is that the automobiles have become an economic sector considering the revenue.


In India, the Zoomcar that offers drive car rental services also have made a big name in the automobile news India. The revenues of the company have made good progress that the company plans entering Southeast Asia and Africa this year, in 2018.


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