Telangana Women will Celebrate a Holiday on International Women’s Day

Telangana women will celebrate a holiday on International Women’s Day

March 8 is celebrated as Women’s Day all over the world to celebrate the achievements of women in various fields. In sync with this, the Telangana government announced a holiday for women on this day. This was declared as a special cause leave to all the women employees across the state.

Women are the most sensitive creatures in this earth and with the world moving ahead of time, women have proved their abilities par excellence. There is no field left where women have not put their mark. Yes, we are proud to celebrate women’s day and are this happiness just for a day.

Tomorrow, our streets will again be unsafe, our girls will be raped and murdered while the rapists will roam happily on roads, there will still be gender inequality in the offices, the male staff will be given more responsibility and female staff will be looked down upon.

The government of Telangana has taken a bold step to let women celebrate their day with family but the happiness can fizzle out anytime as they know tomorrow will again be the same day for them. A woman’s life is entangled between house chores, children, family, and work responsibilities and there is hardly anyone who cares.

The world has taken and accepted woman as a machine that will work day and night, and still look fresh all the time. How long this will happen and when will the world understand the importance of women.

Declaring a holiday on International Women’s Day is not enough. There are many more milestones to achieve.

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