Technology spreads its wings to connect Wi-Fi devoid of Electricity

Technology spreads its wings to connect Wi-Fi devoid of ElectricityUniversity of Washington has created gadgets connecting Wi-Fi without electricity

Technology has taken a leap from computers to wireless devices that fit your palm. Now, the University of Washington has created gadgets connecting Wi-Fi without electricity or that even you can print 3D.

What is special about this technology?

The first and impressive point is that batteries are not included.  “Our goal is to 3D print input widgets and objects, wireless sensors that communicates with Smartphone’s and Wi-Fi devices, without batteries or electronics,” write the researchers on their project website.

How does it work?

These gadgets will be working same as the mechanical watch. A watch receives power from the wound-up spring energy, while each object depends on the springs, switches or gears triggered by physical motion, such as a button push.The wireless communication actually comes in a tiny 3D-printed antenna is designed to attached to the Wi-Fi signals apparent in a room and this reflects back into a computer or Smartphone as per your choice. The reflected signals are in specific patterns embedded with the other devices information can be decoded. Thus, with every physical trigger, there will be a mechanical motion making a switch connect or disconnect with the antenna and affects, regardless of whether it absorbs or reflects Wi-Fi signals.

For instance, you have a gadget that is attached to your laundry detergent bottle spout. As you pour the detergent, a wheel triggers the antenna and this transmits data wirelessly about the speed it is moving to your Smartphone. Your Smartphone keeps tabs on the data, and even as the detergent level is coming to finish, it can place order online automatically. Thus, it may act basically as Amazon Dash button, minus the battery and the button.

How is it going to help?

It is certainly going to immensely helpful as it allows virtually unlimited uses, no batteries and no wires. If you have a 3D printer, build one of the devices right now for free. The research website includes antenna information to the CAD models and instructions required to make these battery-free magical gadgets. Get started now!

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