Taxi Drone Might be a Commute for you In Future

Taxi Drone

Drones are in air!!! After the small drones used to deliver an Amazon shipment to a customer, the drones are being manufactured to take persons from one place to another.

Technology is moving so fast that you just cannot catch hold of anything. At one place and time one thing and at another place you will get something exceptionally new to observe. The drone, EHang’s E-184 is manufactured by a Chinese start-up and the company is planning to roll out the vehicle as soon as possible.

Rumours are rife that the world can see drones flying in the Dubai’s atmosphere as “air taxis” from 2018 and the company is planning to take this technology forward to Saudi Arabia, Singapore and other European countries.

How does the drone work?

There are four battery operated propellers that lift the drone in the air and it is completely GPS automated vehicle. The testing model can lift one person but it is said that the actual model will have capacity for two passengers in its cockpit.

Although it looks small but this marvellous flying object can fly at a speed of 100 KMPH and it can remain in air for 25 minutes.

The passengers will have to select a pre-programmed flight and start their stride. The drone is currently being tested at EHang’s headquarters which is an unused theme park in Southern China.

Mr.  EHang Hu Huazhi, the CEO of the Chinese firm, told the press that the mass production of their passenger drones will start from next year and also they are also planning to install fully automated manufacturing line to enable mass production in 2018.

From cheaper electronics to fully automated drones, China is now shifting itself from low end manufacturing to cutting edge technology. This will throw a tough competition to other tech giants in the world.

For now the company seems to have a long foreseen plan. It wants to develop a huge network of taxi drones around the world. But it will be possible only when the idea is approved by the country authorities.

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