The New Titanium Wheels of NASA will Roam Around Space

Titanium Wheels

Every day we read about a new technology, a new invention in magazines and newspapers. As soon we pick up a newspaper, we expect to read something new and why not, since time immemorial man has learnt to progress and carve out newer things to make his life easier.

From the small though of putting his first leg in the space, the mode of transportation has been an issue. Of course one cannot think of a transportation model without the help of tires. The air-filled rubber tires could not be used as they tend to pop themselves flat and hence metal tires were used.

Metal tires with steel springs became common and they were good tires without need of gas. The problem with steel is that it deforms over time and the wheel loses its shape. So NASA has come up with something else now. The concept is the original one only, metal tires, but here all modern metals are brought to engineering. The endeavour comprises of a whole new metal spring tire which is crafted using a nickel-titanium alloy in place of steel. The atoms here tend to re-arrange themselves when the tire is stressed and so the shape of the tire in intact.

The technology is just marvellous and it will be useful when the satellites are sent to far away planets and this in turn will help in getting new insights on space and its unique dynamics. Why only space, the titanium tire also has application on Earth.

Obviously one cannot use the whole metal tire on roads but the metal can be used as an outer covering along with a high-frictional material to provide the required grip to the rubber tire. This will come as a breakthrough in the auto sector and the problem of puncture can be vanished completely.

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