Sony to Start its New Excursion in Taxi Rides

Sony Taxi Rides

Japan’s native company is planning to enter the arena of taxis with its alliance with different motor corporations to provide AI based rides to the users. The alliance will have Daiwa Motor Transportation, Checker Cab, Green Cab, Kokusai and Hinomaru Kotsu and Sony will create an AI-powered hailing platform.

How would you feel if you get the availability of taxis based on the traffic, weather conditions, events etc.? How would you react if you see a horde of taxis when you have just stepped out of a theatre? Well, this dream will come true very soon in Japan, as Sony’s initiative will make taxi ride simpler, easier and artificially intelligent.

Currently, there is no sign as to when this service will start and if Sony is planning to start this service outside of Japan. It might seem odd that Sony is chasing taxi rides when players like Uber is there in the market but Japan has banned private cars and the business sharing model does not work here. Toyota has just poured around $70 million for creating the app Japan Taxi and it is working well on its AI-powered system.

If Sony delays its foray in the market, it may lose the hot taxi market.

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