Electronic Skin to Display Body Vital Stats

Electronic Skin to Display Body Vital Stats

It is not exaggerating to say that the electronic system is becoming an inevitable part of our lives.  One of the best examples for this statement is the electronic skin. Electronic skin is an ultra thin patch made up of breathable material. This electronic skin is developed by the researchers at the University of Tokyo to display the heartbeat of the wearer.

Technicalities of this electronic skin:

Getting into the technicalities of this electronic skin, it is made up of breathable material with nanomesh electrodes and has stretchable wiring. The outer display of this electronic skin is through the array of micro LED’s. One more amazing features of this electronic skin is that upon looking at the sensor, one can come to know about the health condition of the wearer. Also, these sensors can pair with a Smartphone and transmit the data to the cloud. This electronic skin can be called as non-invasive health monitoring system, where in the healthcare officials can monitor the health condition of the wearer from the remote places.

Specialty of this latest Version:

This kind of electronic skin is not new, in the recent years, there have been a number of electronic skins made by various researchers. But the specialty of this electronic skin is that this latest version is coming with a LED display. This latest version of the electronic skin displays the health condition of the wearer ( like the heartbeat of the wearer) in the form of animated image like electrocardiogram waveform. As described above, this electronic skin is made up of stretchable material, and it can stretch to a maximum extend of 45% to its original length. Also, this latest version of electronic skin is made more resistant than the older versions, so that it is easy to wear and use it. The stretchable display falls apart when exposed to air and twisting and stretching of the skin of the wearer. The sensors of this electronic skin last without inflammation for about four weeks. This electronic skin is made up with conventional circuit board manufacturing techniques which will make it cost effective.

Advantages of this Electronic Skin with LED display:

There are various advantages of this electronic skin, out of the various advantages the most important one is that this electronic skin will help not only to display the health condition of the wearer, but also this electronic skin helps to know the required data in case of emergency. Not only that, it is one of the best substitute to know the health condition of the wearer, without much heavy equipment. Also, it do not require more time for the display over the LED screen.

Availability of this Latest Electronic Skin in the market:

This amazing product is coming in the market in the next few years. This version of electronic skin is made into market with more reliability, and improved coverable areas  hopefully in the next three years, as told by the university of Tokyo and Japans’s Dai Nippon printing.


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