This Is How a Sleeping With a Cell Phone Affects You

cell phone wavesSleeping with a cell phone affects our brain

It is not wrong to say that cell phones have become an inherent part of our lives. From the morning alarm to going off to your bed, you phone stays with you everywhere you go. He is your companion even while going to attend your natural calls. You care about its battery more than your own health. And it is of course true that your cell phone is your sleeping partner too. Do you know how does it affect you when he sleeps with you? Read ahead to know:

If you among billions of those who has a habit of sleeping with your cell phone near your head then it is the time that you change your habit and do something about it. It has been proved that cell phones blue rays are extremely harmful to our body and they cause major ill effects in the body.

  • Cell phone causes alteration in your whole system

Cell phones affect your body even in the day but keeping it closer during the night will lead to nightmares, lack of sleep, uneasiness because the rays that gets transmitted from the cell phone to your body changes your whole body system and makes it weak for the daily routine.

  • Causes cancer cells to penetrate

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has showed through its various researches that cell phones are the major cause for the cancer cell penetration in human beings. The waves that gets transmitted are not good for our well-being and harms us in many ways.

  • Reduced sperm quality in men

It was found in Australia that men who sleep with a cell phone in hand or kept near to the body have reduced the sperm quality. Many men in Australia were diagnosed of low quality sperm and hence it affected their lives a lot.

  • Radiates electromagnet waves

Whether the cell phone is on or at a switched off mode, it radiates electromagnetic waves which not only affects your body but these are harmful for our environment as well.

  • Affects your brain

There is another theory that sleeping with a mobile phone affects our brain and it changes the way we think. The waves are responsible to make us aggressive and one can notice a pout of anger when cell phone is near to him.

So what is ideal to prevent these situations? One tip can be you can keep the cell phone at a distance, like you keep your phone over a rack so that if the alarm rings you can get up and switch it off. Given the ill effects of cell phones, you should take necessary steps to keep it away at least while you sleep. Prevention is always better than cure, stay healthy!!

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