Privacy and Security Is At Stake

Privacy and securityPrivacy and security is at stake

In today’s digital era, the very notion of ‘personal privacy’ is getting blurry as on a diurnal basis, we hear that accounts, be it our banking or social, are being hacked and our info being squandered with, tech giants using fancy apps and tricks to spy on us for their own benefits etc. While the companies we so blindly trust with our personal data is simply selling them off while assuring that our data is untouchable.

One way to truly keep our data safe is to go back to the 90s when everything was recorded and kept in fat log books and stored away in big old boxes or shelves. But to adopt such ways to store our daily data would be sufficed only by multi-storied building or something like that. Such ideas are only for wasting our brain space. In the end, we will just hand over our privacy to people who controls the so called digital vaults and use it to either break us or perhaps blackmail us.

In the end, only one question stands tall, who do we trust with our personal security? This question will surely get you to bite every inch of your nails as some recent news have enlightened the fact that even the most acclaimed organization has been accused of wrongly acquiring personal data. One such incident was where the largest social hub Facebook was accused of listening to our phone chats and even in-room conversation to facilitate the posting of more target oriented ads to our browser. It was also in the air that many apps are using a software called Alphonso to record personal conversations.

You might think, what is the foul play in listening to conversations to promote advertisements, but just imagine the abominable ways that can be implemented to steal from us.

There is no way one can live without the colours of the digital era but it is should be practiced to not store very sensitive information digitally, the only way to stay secure.

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