The second-best UNESCO world heritage site after Angkor Wat- The Great Taj Mahal

The Great Taj MahalThe Great Taj Mahal


Almost all of us are familiar with the beauty of Taj Mahal. It has been hundreds of years till this mesmerizing artwork is on its firm hold. Every day, millions of people visit Agra just to get a glimpse of Taj Mahal and its everlasting beauty which surely takes people’s breath away.

The Taj Mahal, being India’s pride is the second  best UNESCO world heritage site in the world. This was infact a great achievement which was unique in its own way.

People all over the world come to Agra, to see the enchanting beauty of this monument which was built by the Mughal emperor Shah Jahan as a memory of her best-loved wife Mumtaz Mahal. This Monument is rated after Cambodia’s Angkor Wat.

The given survey was conducted by the online travel portal TripAdvisor which listed the best monuments that were unique, the best and had some qualities which made them different from the rest of the world’s monuments. Further, the survey lists the UNESCO Culture’s best rates sites by a mass of travelers all over the world.

In Agra, you can hire the best affordable guide and can visit some of the most exotic locations without getting a heavy blow on your pockets. Also, for seeing Taj Mahal, you can find some of the best tourist guides, who can depict you a deep information on this mesmerizing beauty and every minute detail which you wished to knew at some moment of your life.

In the case of Angkor Wat, still there are a range of tourist guides which can serve you to the utmost level of perfection. The Angkor Wat has a list of majestic facts about its building process as well as its past history.

The best-loved views which you can get from Angkor Wat is at dawn or dusk moments when the whole crowds have gone and the night lightening reveals its true mystery.

Apart from these two, the other popular heritages include the Great Wall of China which was built by Xu Da in 1368 AD.

Based on the ranking factor, the Machu Pichu located in Peru bagged the fourth spot which was quite a great achievement.

At last, the Italy’s Sassi of Matera, Iguazu National Park, Auschwitz Birkenau, old city of Jeruasalem and the historic Krakow in Poland also made it to the list.

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