A New Bracelet To Charge Your Phone Is In Town Now

bracelet phone chargerA bracelet phone charger with an iPhone


Ever thought of owning a bracelet that looks smart and dainty and charges your phone as well? If you come across someone who phone is always then think of gifting him something that will not only look good but equally useful as well.

The new invention in the form of a charging bracelet is in town. This bracelet does not give an evident tacky look like a smart watch, the bracelet looks just like a regular bracelet and it turns itself into a reliable charging station for your Apple gadgets. Sorry Android, but this charm is still not upgraded for you yet .

Whenever you want to use, this traditional regular looking bracelet will pull out a thin USB lightning cable to charge your Apple. This super bracelet is available for $45 which is the discounted price of the $75. Currently the bracelet is available at 60% discount for only $29. Cool aesthetics, craftsmanship combined with unique modern technology is what defines this cool stuff.

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