Rajinikanth Needs 1.2 Crore Fans Before Launch Of Party

Rajinikanth needs 1.2 crore fans before launch of party

At his Poes Garden residence on Thursday, Film Actor Rajinikanth called his functionaries and held a meeting for two and a half hour in which he cleared his aim to enter politics.

Before launching his party, he wants to create a base of 1.25 crore-fan club and he has instructed secretaries of the 32 districts to speed up the enrolment. He already has 65000 booth committees and he wants 30 members in each of the committees. This way the party will get 19 lakh members out of which at least 50,000 will be active ones.

He further said that they have 10,000 functionaries and if each of the 19-lakh members brings 5 to 10 members, the base of 1.25 crore can be created.

This huge people base will help him or she reaches every nook and corner of the state and they can launch their party well. Both the Dravidian parties, DMK and AIADMK too claimed to have a membership of around one crore.

Rajinikanth asked the commissionaires the enrolment status of the fan club and asked them to speed up things.

A handful of district secretaries agreed to have appointed 50% of the booth committees and the rest of the 30% percent said they would do it now. The citizens were quite disappointed by the speech of Rajinikanth on the release of his movie Kaala but the meeting at his residence pleased them.

The members of the meeting said that till now they were putting the photos of the thalaivar (the leader) but now the leader himself is posting their photos on his twitter handle.

The commissionaires of the fan club also denied the rumor of any state-level conference to be held in Coimbatore.

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