People With Non O Blood Type To Have Increased Rate Of Heart Attack During High Air Pollution

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There is a new research which might be worrisome for people with A, B and AB blood groups. As per a research conducted by Brigham Young University and Intermountain Medical Centre Heart Institute, individuals who have blood groups of A, B and AB are more prone to having a heart disease than the ones with an O blood group.

The pollution in the air is increasing at an alarming rate and this new research has come up with something more alarming. The study done over this is unique in the sense it links a particular gene available in the blood of particular blood groups that have coronary artery disease.

ABO gene is present in the blood groups A, B and AB and it is the only gene that is validated to predict the coronary disease in an individual as per the research.

Previous studies have also been done which shows links between a small particulate PM 2.5 pollution and heat attack, admission in the hospital due to heart failure, unstable chest pain and atrial fibrillation.

The head of the investigation added that they performed tests on the blood samples of O blood group and the samples with non-O blood groups and they found that the risk is higher in the non-O blood group and it is matter of great concern.

However the committee of the investigation said that person who does not have a coronary heart disease already will not have a heart attack and the heart attack is also not certain for people who already have a heart disease.

The situation is not to be panicked upon. One just needs to be aware of this so that proper precautions can be taken in future.

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