A New Eye Gel That Could Save A Soldier’s Eye

Soldier eyeA Soldier's eye

Whenever an eye injury strikes, you do not have to think of anything and rush the patient to the hospital. What if an eye injury happened in a battlefield or on the borders where there is less availability of medical facilities? In these cases, a person can lose his eye.

Researchers create new breakthroughs every day and this time they have developed something marvellous. A gel has been developed which can do miracles to your eye injuries. At least, this gel can prevent the injury to aggravate by the time the patient is taken for further medications.

Currently the gel has been tested on Rabbits but soon they will be applied on humans. The most potential use of this gel to seal the injury of the eye at the battlefield and when the patient is taken to hospital, the seal can be easily removed by applying cool water to it.

Statistics say that the percentage of ocular injuries has increased over past several decades and a few were really fatal. And so this thought gave rise to this new idea.

Although battlefield is not the only place where this gel can be applied, it can be used in any emergency situation where the patient is far away from the treatment zone and needs little time to reach the doctor. It can be very useful as emergency medicine especially in rural areas.

This is breakthrough in medical history and this has definitely  long foreseen benefits.

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