After a long delay the Jatayu Earth Centre finally opens in Kerala.

Jatayu Earth centerJatayu Earth center


After a pretty long delay, The Jatayu Earth center is finally opened for public and visitors. The Jatayu Earth center is located at the Chadayamangalam in Kollam, Kerala and it is still under construction process. However, the Kerala tourism has made the Jatayu Earth center public. But the public will not be able to travel around the whole park as constructions going on. Most of the areas are still restricted for public use and visitors can only travel to certain areas of the park.

One of the biggest attraction of the whole park is the biggest statue. The statue is based on the mythological character Jatayu from Hindu grantha Ramayana. Apart from the Jatayu statue, the Chadayamangalam has always been one of the top tourist places in India. As it has some links to the Ramayana hence it has turned into a tourist place.

Talking about the Jatayu sculpture, it was developed by the former film director Rajiv Anchal. The sculpture is 70 ft tall and 2oo ft long. It also has gained recognition as the world’s first yet biggest bird sculpture. The sculpture represents an iconic scene from the Ramayana. The sculpture represents the heroic fall of the Jatayu who was trying to save Sita and fought with the Ravana when he was returning to the Lanka.

However, apart from the sculpture The Jatayu Earth center also has some other activities to attract visitors. Some of the top activities are rock climbing, rappelling, rifle shooting, and paintball. There are total 20 activities that you will get to see The Jatayu Earth center. Apart from the activities, there is an Ayurvedic resort, a digital museum. The Kerala tourism calling the digital museum as the 6D theatre, which is quite an attractive name. also, the ones who are not adventures and do want to get indulged in any activities. For them, the center has the cable cars, which will definitely help you to get a good view of the whole Jatayu Earth center. However, there is no such report when the park will get completed fully but whenever it gets completed it will definitely be a great place to visit.

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