When #Nesamani Took Over the Virtual World

Nesamani VadiveluImage Source: Moments India

May 30, 2019 is a very important day for Indians. Today is the day when Narendra Modi is swearing in as the prime minister of the country for the second time in the row. Today is the day when the World Cup is starting. And in a country like India where Cricket is a religion, today is a date that is marked in all the Cricket fans’ calendars. But one trending topic that shock the entire virtual world TODAY (and those following in other IM apps) is #Nesamani.

While #Pray-for-Nesamani has its followers ROFL and sharing memes based on movies of the actor, many brands are riding on the popularity wave to widen their reach. Is this what they call “Making hay while the sun shines?” But, isn’t that what digital marketing is all about? Finding out what people are crazy about and catering to their needs. Though, it may seem like hard-core marketing, the brands have come up with interesting and out-of-the box ideas to brand their company.  

Chennai Super Kings

Let the games begin! #WhistleForIndia #CWC19 #WhistlePodu #Nesamani




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