Mumbai Warned On ‘Extreme Rain’ Today. People Asked To Stay Indoors

The Indian Meteorological department (IMD) has forecasted heavy rains from June 8 to June 10 i.e. from Saturday to Sunday and people have been advised to stay in their houses only.

There is a possibility of 200 MM rainfall or more within a period of 24 hours. This warning was issued on Thursday and it will continue until June 10. The rainfall will extend towards the North coast of Maharashtra and there is a chance of heavy rainfall in the isolated regions as well.

The weather advisory have issued a warning to the citizens that ask them to stay away from outdoor activities and taking long strides. People should remain vigilant and keep checking weather updates.

Due to the intermittent rains, the temperature of the city is dropped by 4 degrees Celsius. Along with this, the moisture in the air is too high. Approximately 90%.

The Mumbai suburbs have witnessed heavy rain of 98.7MM since June 1, which already above the average of 55.9 mm and South Mumbai has recorded 50.6 MM rain where 12 MM is the average.

The weather bureau still confirmed that these are still the pre-monsoon showers and the conditions are favorable for the monsoon to set over in Maharashtra by Friday to Monday.

There is no rain in Mumbai for now but as the weather department has indicated, we all should take precautions and stay away from any outings.

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