Looking at Cute Pictures Can Make You Work Better!


Let’s clarify on the onset that we’re not talking about cute pictures of your love interests or crushes! A recent study conducted by the Hiroshima University has shown that employees who look at cute pics of dogs, cats, pandas and other cute animals are more productive.

The study had three groups of students working on different task and each group had to repeat the task twice – once without seeing any pictures and the second time, after seeing pictures. The research then went on to try the test with different kinds of pictures. Students who looked at pictures of cute animals were more productive than kids who looked at pictures of food. (maybe food pics made them feel hungry). The conclusion of this study is that viewing cute pics improves non-motor perceptual tasks.

Watching videos of cute animals is also a great stress buster and instantly improves your mood as it induces a positive effect. They also build your resilience to stress!

Psst.. another secret! Way back in 2011, The Wall Street Journal reported that browsing the web can refresh employees and enhance their productivity. So, the next time your boss catches you browsing the web, you can confidently say “that you were taking a power break!”

Here are some cute animal pics to help you amp up your productivity @ work!

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