ICC World Cup 2019: The Watch Begins


IPL is over and gotcha, now it’s time for the world-wide ICC World Cup 2019 rivalries to begin! Aye sport lovers, hold your breath, because, you never know, what happens in the next strike of a ball. Like, Khaleesi’s Drogo spitted fire across the seven kingdoms, that one, fierce, ball can change the history!

Cricket isn’t just an exciting game, but an epic opportunity to play it tough till the last minute. This time, ICC World Cup 2019, scheduled with the round-robin format, is vividly going to make us have a real adrenaline rush. “The more you sweat in practice. The less you bleed in the battle”. Yes. No matter, you win or lose, the melodrama of cricket is the act of never giving up. And, what matters the most is the striking sound of the bat, hitting the next ball that comes your way.

As the warm-up matches have already begun, who do you think is going to win? Will the host England take the much-awaited world cup? Or, Australia, which is the firm-favorite defending champions of millions of people? Or India, who is expected to rise like a Phoenix under the leadership of Virat Kohli and the guidance of Mahendra Singh Dhoni? You. Never. Know. It could be any team, starting from South Africa, Pakistan, West Indies, New Zealand and the list can be extended to all of them in the field. Because, every team has put in a huge effort, to play the infinity war with a ball.    

10 best cricket teams, 11 players in each, 48 unbeatable matches, 45 long days, 135 crucial hours, 11 stadiums, 1 Golden World cup trophy and THE ultimate ICC winner 2019!  Wow. Let’s welcome the season of breath-staking excitement. No guesses at this moment. Maybe, once the ball strikes the ground on May 30th, you can start drawing your expected conclusions on what might happen in the ICC World Cup 2019.

Fingers crossed! Cheer out loud. The wait is worth the watch.

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