Lightning Kills 18 In Telangana, Andhra Pradesh And West Bengal

Lightning kills 18 in Telangana, Andhra Pradesh and West Bengal

Around nine people were killed in Telangana when lighting struck the state on Sunday afternoon. In
the states of West Bengal and Andhra Pradesh too, there is a piece of news of the death of nine people
due to bad weather.

The death toll in the state of West Bengal since April 30 is raised to 46 and of the nine killed on
Sunday, four were children, and they went to collect mangoes in Uluberia in Howrah district when
the lightning stuck the unfortunates.

There is also a report of the death of two other in Hanshkali in Nadia district, one at Jalangi in
Murshidabad district and two in Ghatal in West Midnapore.

The chief minister of the state, Mamata Banerjee expressed grief over the deaths and said that the
families are eligible for compensation from the state government. In addition to the compensation,
the government will even aid to rebuild the houses that were destroyed in the storm during this

The highest number of casualty was recorded on April 30 when 13 people were killed due to storm
and lightning. The chief minister said that the government has already given instructions to the
disaster management committee to be ready when such incidents occur. Nobody has any control
over natural calamities but we can provide help as soon as possible.

In Telangana and Andhra Pradesh, farmers who went to cover the paddy fields were killed by
thunder and lightning. When they did not return home, the family members went to the field to find
their bodies lying there.

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