Latest Updates in Dynamics 365 and How it Improves User Experience

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Lately, Microsoft is aiming at maximizing the overall user experience by bringing about some major updates in the revolutionary Dynamics 365. If you wish to know more about the latest update and how you can implement the same in your business structure, you can consider taking help from a professional Microsoft Dynamics consultant.

Improved User Experiences for the PC App

Leading Microsoft Dynamics CRM consultants reveal that Microsoft has introduced a series of updates to the latest version of Microsoft Dynamics 365 that are geared towards improving the overall user experience for PC app users.

  • The All-new Panel: The all-new notification panel helps end users remain updated regarding the latest updates on the newly introduced interactive features as well as get news about the platform. Moreover, the panel also alerts you in case you need to update the existing MS Dynamics Guides solution present within the Dynamics 365 platform.
  • Easy navigation: The new update includes an advanced navigation bar on the left side of the editor screen in Step. It helps in providing the overall ease of access to Guides list, Outline View, analyze pages, and alignment.
  • Utilization of Responsive Design: The all-new MS Dynamics 365 app is now supposed to be highly responsive in design as it allows users to work on different screens of different sizes, without worrying about resolution loss.
  • Add a Step” Button: With the latest update of Dynamics 365, it has become relatively easier to add or include a new step from the Step editor section with the help of the specialized “Add a Step” button located in the top menu.

There have been some additional improvements in the PC app for the end users. Here are some:

  • The experts at Microsoft Dynamics 365 have aimed at addressing issues related to application stability with the latest update of the app. These updates work great while minimizing or maximizing the app or getting back from the sleep or standby mode.
  • For maintaining the overall context, the guide’s name that is under the editing phase will be now displayed across the title bar at all times. Moreover, the name of the guide will also be visible on the navigation menu, even when the user would head to the home page.

The latest updates to the innovative Microsoft Dynamics 365 app can help in improving the overall work efficiency. Consult Microsoft Dynamics consultants at Aspire Software Consultancy to set up and implement Microsoft Dynamics 365 for your business.

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