iPhone X Review and It’s Features

IPhone X

Apple has come a long way. From a small garage in 1976 to a huge business house that manufactures almost everything from laptops to portable electronic devices. The new kick for Apple is now the iPhone X release. The super smart phone was released in September 2017 and trust us; it is one of the most amazing iPhones one can ever get.

After a lot of hype and gung-ho, the phone is finally here in the market to go to your pocket. You need to shell out too much to get this phone. The final price in India as per the sources is 89,000/-. The phone has changed the way people looked at iPhones 10 years back. Let’s look at few of the features:

  1. The design of iPhone X is so elegant that one of the video editors said it looks fake. The phone is just gorgeous.
  2. The display is 5.80 inches and the new operating system gives you a radical shift from older iPhones to iPhone X. what’s new? The display extends itself right till the bottom of the screen to give you a complete picture experience.
  3. The camera quality is just above everything. The portrait feature of iPhones are the USPs.
  4. Face ID recognition: iPhone X unlocks itself by detecting your face and this is the most unique feature of this phone.
  5. A lot of new hardware have been added to iPhone X but it is still running on iOS11.

The iPhone X is not doubt the best iPhone ever made. It is thin, sleek and smart. It has newer ideas, newer dimensions and the overall design throws the phone into a different new place. The phone has created a benchmark in the field of phone technology and changed the entire techniques on how iPhones were made and used before.


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