Healthcare Innovations That We Can Expect to See in Future

Healthcare Innovations That We Can Expect to See in Future

With Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning making great changes in the healthcare landscape, we can see a lot of difference in the ways in which diseases are diagnosed and preventive measures are undertaken. Robotic surgery is no longer a pipe dream. With technology changing healthcare systems at such a rapid pace, what are the innovations that we could expect to see soon in the future?

Early Detection of Dementia

Oxford Brain Diagnostics, after intensive research, has come up with a tool that measures cortical disarray measurement (CDM) from existing MRI scans to identify minor changes in the brain anatomy. Identifying such minute changes could help in early detection of dementia.

Electronic Health Records

EHR has become a buzz word in most healthcare centres with increasing use of digital kiosks and applications to record patient data. Medical data analysis is a growing trend. The analysis can not only enhance treatment for a patient but also improve medical research.

Mobile Cervical Cancer Screening

MobileODT has designed a hand-held colposcope, which they call the EVA System. This battery-powered device allows doctors to diagnose cervical cancer in just a few minutes. This device is based on Smartphone technology and can be used anywhere.

Robots as Companions

One of the biggest problems of seniors is that they tend to be left alone as the younger generation is off working all day long. Human companions may soon be replaced by robotic companions. Genie Connect, a miniature robot, is designed to have conversations, remind to take medications and attend appointments. It can also set up video calls with healthcare facilities.

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