Build Your Roots – Become a Weekend Farmer

Build Your Roots – Become a Weekend Farmer

Ask any disgruntled corporate employee and they will tell you about the robotic lifestyle with endless deadlines, never-ending line of projects and meaningless meetings. If you too are stuck in this vicious cycle of work, here’s a chance for you to get in touch with your roots – get back to farming.

The concept of weekend farming has been played around for some time now and more and more professionals are looking at this activity as a way to get away from their normal monotonous work. There are many corporate professionals who had to give up their rustic lifestyle back in their native and move to the cosmopolitan cities in search of work. They now, want to get back to their roots and find the peace and joy of working with Mother Earth. Many others want their children to know the simple pleasures of growing one’s own food. It doesn’t matter what reason; this concept of weekend farming is growing in popularity.

If you too want a break from city life and recharge your batteries working with nature, you can also start farming over the weekends. Here are some ways in which you can do it.

  1. There are a few farms that offer you a piece of land for rent. You can farm anything you want on this piece of land. Every weekend, you and your friends or family can visit your “leased” plot of land to work on it. Else, you can also get the help of the experts in the farm to do the leg work.
  2. The second option is for those who don’t want to take up the responsibility of farming from the scratch. You can spend a weekend or two in the farm. You may, however, have to pay for the food and stay, but you get a chance to get away from the polluted city.

Weekend farming is perhaps the best option that we have now to revive the flagging agriculture in our country. With buildings eating up arable land, we may soon be left with no cultivable land to grow food. If that happens, then even if we earn a lakh a month, we may end up taking a loan to buy food. Hope our country doesn’t come to that point.

If you still want more reasons to start weekend farming, we’ve got a live hero who supports it – Magesh Babu, the Telegu movie star.

In his tweet, he said “#WeekendAgriculture has caught up now & this is the beginning for a great future… not just for our generation but for generations to come… Big thumbs up to people like @madhurasreedhar & @amit5284sajane for taking this great initiative on their shoulders.”

So, are you ready for weekend farming?

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