The Guatemala Volcano Erupts and leaves around 99 people Dead

ESCUINTLA, Guatemala: On Wednesday, a real tragedic thing happened in Guatemala. A volcano bursted out which left around 99 people dead where fresh ash and fresh torrents were the real cause.

A volcano which has a height of 3,763 meters has taken every people of Guatemala think about their future lives. Plenty of the workers in that area were rescued where the entire village came under the radar of the volcano.

According to the National Forensic Science Agency, they said that they have received the bodies of 99 individuals which were killed in the eruption tragedy.

However, only 28 bodies of them have been identified so far, reports said.

A Word of Mouth by Sergio Cabanas

Sergio Cabanas, who is the head of Guatemala’s Disaster Management Agency, said, “We already have data with names and locations where there are missing persons and that number is 192,”

On the other hand, plenty of the experts also warned people about the heavy rains which can provoke these volcanos to erupt. Since the eruption on Sunday, not many people took this thing seriously which made them suffer the consequences.

Also, for searching the dead bodies, emergency workers had to suspend their search after this incident took place. A photographer witnessed a massive plume of ash rise straight into the sky which was a scary scenario.

According to the Officials, they said that the speed of the eruptions took people to surprise and caused havoc death scenes. As of now, more than 12,000 people have been rescued from their homes and the condition is said to become much better.

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