Google May Help You Talk to AC’s, Fans and More

Google May Help You Talk to AC’s, Fans and More

India’s favourite Google voice assistance to reach the consumer durables like TV, AC’s, fans etc. Imagine how it would feel when your AC would switch on, as soon it is voice commanded. This will be interesting and the US search giant is behind providing us with the facility soon.

Google has said that it is targeting the Android users now and as in India 90% of the public is using Android-powered devices; India is a potential market for the company’s endeavour. India is a strategic market and it one of the fastest growing markets in the world.

The company has already started selling its Google Home voice assistant Bluetooth speakers to compete with Amazon Echo and the product is already running successfully in the US and the UK. India was given an importance when the company prompted to add Hindi as a language to the product this year.

The company’s product and the home manager said that they are already in talks with the companies of consumer durables and there are many devices that can be voice commanded. The company is targeting a huge investment in the country and is looking forward to a successful venture.

Google is getting proposals from Indian and Global companies already as they want to create the voice-activated products. The products will be available after a year or so and once the products are manufactured, voice integration can be done within a week’s time.

Now you will have television set-top boxes working on your voice commands and AC working on your voice. In addition, Google is also in talks with some telcos to build a voice-based support service to prompt the customers for outstanding bills, data usage etc. These voice-based services are already welcomed in the country and the citizens will be more than happy for the new development.

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