Gauri Singhvi 14-year- Old Takes her Passion Further

4-year-old Gauri Singhvi

Gauri Singhvi is from Rajasthan. She already covered earlier a 36 km distance from Worli Sea link to Gateway of India.

Gauri is determined to take her passion ahead. This girl is 14 years old and is from Udaipur, Rajasthan. She is here to cover approximately 48 kilometres from Khar Danda to Gateway of India by swimming. Today, she was seen doing her early morning exercise, reported ANI.

Gauri became the first girl to swim through Worli Seal Link to Gateway of India and to explore this water route in March 2017.

Gauri, a resident of Udaipur, Rajasthan is very passionate about swimming and desires to swim the Arabian Sea and the English Channel as well.

The 14-year-old swam for hours in cold water even during the night times. This shows her confidence and dedication towards her passion.

Gauri had covered 36 km distance earlier from Sea Link to Worli Koliwada to Gateway of India and this time is taken ahead one step by swimming from Khar Danda to Gateway of India that is a 48 km distance.

On Tuesday morning, today, Gauri Singhvi sets an example in swimming, when others are fighting for women equality, security and rights.

Gauri was performing her exercises in the presence of her experts and coaches. Undoubtedly, the girl is a great source of inspiration and has now set a model for others who abstain from chasing their dreams and this is also an instance for men who keep pulling down women

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