DNA Nanorobots Will Kill Cancerous Cells


The science fiction we read and fantasized is true today when the DNA nanorobots killed the cancerous cells present in lab mice. In an article from Nature Biotechnology, scientists showed that the tiny bots could actually work as an intelligent delivery vehicle and kill cancer cells in the body.

The DNA nanorobots are doing so by seeking out and injecting cancer tumors with drugs that will cut off the blood supply resulting in killing them. The paper further explains, “Using tumor-bearing mouse models, we demonstrate that intravenously injected DNA nanorobots deliver thrombin specifically to tumor-associated blood vessels and induce intravascular thrombosis, resulting in tumor necrosis and inhibition of tumor growth”

These DNA nanorobots are a new concept for drug delivery. This is a programmed DNA, which will turn itself into an Origami and then deploy it into a tiny machine that is ready for action. The scientists in the lab tested these bots by injecting them into the mice having breast cancer cells. The bots could successfully grab on to the vascular cells at the tumor sites, blocking the blood supply to the tumor cells leading to their death.

The good news was the bots did not cause any other blockage in the body. They only performed the task they were targeted towards. The aim of this paper is that the same bot mechanism can be used in human body. It is a great achievement in the medical field and of course for human treatment, many experiments need to be done but this is truly remarkable.

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