Cure Dengue with these effective home remedies

dengue, dengue fever

Dengue fever happens to be a disease that is caused owing to the family of viruses which are transmitted by mosquitoes. It is considered to be an acute illness of sudden onset which follows a benign course usually in addition to different symptoms. Symptoms of dengue fever are inclusive of severe muscle and joint pain, headache, lymph nodes, exhaustion, fever, and rash. The presence of a headache, rash and fever contribute to being the characteristics of the dengue fever.

Dengu can affect any person, however, it is more severe in people who have low immune system. As it is the result of one of five serotypes of dengue virus, it is possible that a person may get ill from dengue fever several times. Attack of dengue is responsible for the production of immunity for a lifetime to the specific vital serotype to which the particular patient was exposed. Dengue is also known as dandy fever or breakbone fever. Victims of dengue are known to have contortions owing to intense pain in bones, muscles, and joints owing to which the name breakbone fever is given.

Remedy for dengue treatment

Here are few remedies for the treatment of dengue at home

Papaya Leaf juice

papay leaf

According to a number of research papers and studies, drinking papaya juice is highly beneficial. It is considered to be one of the most effective home remedies for the treatment of dengue.

Consumption of water in adequate amount


It is a prerequisite to drink water in a prerequisite amount during cold or fever for the replacement of loss of fluid. In Dengue fever, owing to extreme body pain and fever, there are high chances that blood circulation may get affected in addition to dehydration. It is a must to intake water in a high amount in order to ensure that the body stays in hydrated conditions.

Green Chiretta Herbal Tea/ nilavembukashayam:


In accordance with a research paper, Andrographis paniculata or Green Chiretta has exhibited the highest antiviral inhibitory effect on the Dengue virus. This medicinal herb can be found in India and Sri Lanka.

Juice of Neem Leaves

Juice of Neem Leaves

Neem leaves count to be a useful home remedy for several ailments and dengue is no exception to the rule. Hence, you can confer juice of neem leaves to your kids as a natural home remedy for dengue.

Juice of barley grass

barley grass


Barley tea or barley grass juice is considered to be an effective option in enhancing the count of blood platelet in no time. It is beneficial in fighting dengue infections and stimulating the bone marrow in patients for the generation of healthier platelets.

Use of Guppy fish in the swimming pools

Guppy fish

In case there is an unused swimming pool or in case there is a lake in the area and you find an outbreak of dengue fever, it is possible to opt for easier solution by the release of guppy fish in a water source. The freshwater fish is well renowned for the diet which provides assistance in eliminating the population of mosquitoes.

Coriander Leaves juice

Coriander Leaves

Coriander leaves are considered to be one of the most effective remedies for dengue fever. It plays a vital role in the reduction of body temperature at the time of infections. These leaves can be included while making food.

Pomegranate Juice

Pomegranate Juice

It is possible to give a boost to the count of blood platelet with the consumption of pomegranate juice. If you do not like the bitter taste present in papaya leaves, you can go for the pomegranate juice.

Multiple people have followed these remedies at home and have procured significant results.

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