Fastags Become Compulsory From December 1 For New Buses, Cars And Trucks


The entire new four-wheelers should get the FASTags for the front windscreens before these emerge from the factories or directly from the dealers for the following month of December 1 notified by the transport minister on Thursday. The vehicles also obtain drive-away-chasis contains buses and trucks that installed FASTags by the owners before the process of registration. Each and every owner of the vehicle needs to give importance to the announcement for the safety and strictly follow the rules. The responsibilities of the fixing smart tags were specifically on the new four-wheelers achieved by the dealers and manufacturers. The sources also express transport ministry must make either responsibility of the manufacturers of fixing the FASTags for quick and simple implementation.

The FASTags utilize the radio frequency for the identification of technology as well as facilitate the vehicles to pass via toll plazas. The main aim of announcing the rule of FASTags mandatory is not even a single four-wheeler vehicle without waiting in the queue. The waiting also gives the stress to both vehicle and others along with control the traffic waiting for vehicles in the toll plaza. In addition to, the payment made easier without delay with the help of electronically. From May 4, the TOI reported first the government shift to announce the rule to the vehicle owner’s purchase and properly install the tags.

The report particularly highlighted about 74 laks RFID tags were fixed in the cars become failure nevertheless prompted by the ministry to begin the new launch to gain the number of new entry of four-wheelers installed with the FASTags. It is the right time for the vehicle owners and gets ready to fix the FASTags before the deadline announced by the government.

Many people get benefits following the new rule of mandatory of FASTags on all new four-wheelers. The government also focuses more diffusion of FASTags to finish the congestion to the toll plazas as well as make sure there’s no toll revenue leakage. The new rule applies to all the vehicle owners bears in mind the last date for installing the FASTags on the vehicle. Approximately 7.5 lakh FASTags quickly sold all over the country till Thursday. Few other vehicles should installed the FASTags on the vehicle to make toll payments easier from the prepaid or further savings linked to the account.

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