Over 5600 Faculty Posts Vacant In Central Universities


There are approximately 5,606 posts for faculty are vacant in the central universities of the country. The prestigious institutes are nowhere different, in the institutes like Indian Institute of Technology, the vacancy of such posts is 2,806. For the IIMs, the figure is 258 and for National Institutes of Technology and Indian Institute of Engineering Science and Technology the figure came up is 1870.

The vacancies keep coming and the filling of these vacancies is a continuous process. The vacancies keep on rising due to retirement, resignation and the additional requirements due to the increased number of students. The institutions are trying to adopt various measures to address this faculty shortage so that the students and their academics are not affected. They try to hire the research scholars, visiting faculties, faculty on contract and rehiring the faculty. These institutes also publish a yearly rolling advertisement to attract faculty from all the corner of the nation.

Besides the efforts, there are still a number of seats vacant for the post of faculties and this number shows that the students are not getting the right attention in their academics. These are the prestigious institutes of India, this situation is not an expected one, and the HRD ministry should take strong steps to improve the situation.


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