Yoti Aims to Provide Biometric Digital Identity via Smartphone App


You or Your Own Trusted Identity is a United Kingdom based startup. The Yoti free smartphone application helps you to verify who is using your biometric details. The main goal of the Yoti startup is to establish a global network to prevent data theft or collecting user data anonymously. The Yoti app helps you to store your details like date of birth, gender, age, name and so many other personal information separately in the Yoti ecosystem. Also, the individual user will have the rights to figure out the details.

As mentioned Above the Yoti is a smartphone platform available for IOS and Android platform. Yoti asks its users to create a digital identity. To create the digital identity the app will ask its user for a video or speech. Also, a digital copy of government backed identification document, the government backed document can be a passport or driving license. The good thing about the Yoti app is that after getting done with the Digital ID creation they will delete your data. According to the CEO and the co founder Robin Tombs of Yoti: “Passport images are deleted after seven days.”

The Android Yoti Users with the NFC feature can read the chip in their digital passport. However, The Apple platform does not support this feature yet.

Talking about the Yoti App’s uses, well if a company wants to verify a users data, the Yoti App presents them a QR code. So the company can scan it with their Yoti App. Also, they can verify a user by entering 5 digit pin. The App also can help a user by recording a video of the user or making the user speak some words which are flashing on the Yoti App screen.

According to the company, the Yoti is the most secure system. As people will not be able to fake their identity by uploading a fake image of their passport or driving license. Also, it is more secure than the database lookup system that is based on name gender and so on.

The Yoti App is completely advertisement free or they sale users personal data. The startup makes money by charging companies for its ID service. However, the apps need to do quite a lot of struggle as users will not be interested to get a digital ID hence the companies will not ask for their digital ID. The startup will only work if the users get interested towards creating a digital ID and using the ID everywhere.

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