The World’s Luxurious Space Hotel will be Opened for You Now

The World’s luxurious space hotel will be opened for you now

Zero gravity is going more interesting when people would get chance to stay in a space hotel. It is true when after four years you would get a chance to stay in one of the luxurious hotels, which is being built in space. In addition, if you have some 61 crores lying around, you have all the opportunity to stay in a space hotel.

The hotel, which is known as the ‘Aurora Station’ was, announced at the space 2.0 summits in San Jose California.

The CEO and founder of Orion Span said that they want space to be accessible to all. Once it is launched, the hotel will go into service immediately and it will bring people to space with a lower price like never before. The hotel will promise you an authentic astronaut experience and it will take around 3 months’ time to prepare the travellers to visit the space which is squeezed from the 24 months space training regimen.

Orion Span has a team of space industry experts who have over 140 years of experience in space with humans. The US-based start-up known as Orion Span has conceptualised the hotel concept and the space station can accommodate a family of six people along with two crewmembers.

The space travel will be for 12 days and the Orion Span is planning to welcome its first passengers in 2022.

This 12 days trip will give a mind-blowing experience to the travellers. The space visitors will be at a height of 322 KM above the Earth’s surface in the Low Earth Orbit and the view of the other planets from here would be breathtaking.

The hotel is said to orbit the earth every 90 minutes and hence the passengers will be able to observe 16 sunrises and sunsets in a single day.

Moreover, the guests will also get a chance to participate in the space research experiments where they will grow food in the orbit and in fact, they will be allowed to take food at their respective places as a space souvenir.

Wait, there is a little more to it. Once you are in space, you will be able to chat with your friends and family by way of a live video chat and guests will have a free movement in the spacecraft so that they can enjoy the northern and southern aurora from the windows.

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