Whats App business is now available for Indian businesses

Whats App business

January 18, 2018, Facebook owned WhatsApp application rolled out in the countries Indonesia, Italy, Mexico, the US and the UK. The company further announced that the app would be available in other countries in the coming weeks to come. Yesterday was the day when WhatsApp business was made available to Indian businesspersons on the Google Play Store.

As per a survey conducted by Morning consult study, 80 percent of the small businesses in Brazil and India have said that WhatsApp has helped them to grow their business and have enabled smooth communication with their clients. Now, with the new business version of WhatsApp is aimed to make the life of SME owners easier while they connect with their customers.

Here is how the application will work for the businesspersons:

  1. Go to the Google Play Store, search for Whats App Business, and click ‘install’.
  2. You need to accept the terms and conditions as you used to do in the normal version of Whats app.
  3. Here the app will ask you a unique number to register yourself on the app. You can use the previous number, link the previous data in this application, and flip that account into a business one. You can pick up your business name and remember that the name given once cannot be changed.
  4. Under business settings, a person can add all the business related information like email id, website link, address etc. Once the account is set up, one can start introducing the business to different users.

The application is available to download on Google play store and it is compatible with all the devices running on android 4.0.3 and above. Soon a similar version is expected to be available for iOS devices as well.

The application is expected to deliver amazing results for the businesspersons. Now, with this business application it will be easier to communicate with the clients, circulate business information’s, offers etc. The app also provides a feature to send greetings to the employees along with messaging tool that will send quick replies and provide answers to FAQs.

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