West Bengal Farmers Invites 700 Villagers To Bless Son For Class 10 Exam

West Bengal Farmers Invites 700 Villagers To Bless Son For Class 10 Exam

Parents do everything so that their children do well in the exam and today we have a peculiar yet
interesting piece of news about a family in West Bengal who invited 700 families to bless their child
for his 10 th exam.

All the parents across the world especially the parents in India are too concerned over the
examination of their children and they always make sure that they do the best to ensure that their
child does well in the exam. In India, parents save money for the future of their child, keeping fixed
deposits for the marriage of their daughter is also not new.

Rajab Ali from the district Murshidabad in West Bengal has done something unbelievable. With the
hope to gather all good wished for his son’s 10 th exam, he invited 700 families to come and bless his
son for his upcoming examinations.

He arranged a sumptuous feast for the families as his son Shamim Sheikh is the only person in the
family to appear for the secondary board exams under the Madrasa Board.

Rajab Ali owns a small ancestral land in Charbabupur village in Bhagabangola area and he said that
he has been saving for this event since last year and he has sent printed invitation card to everyone
so that no one refuses to say that they did not get the invitation.

The exam of his son began on Monday. Rajab Ali himself aspired to be a doctor but due to the poor
condition of his parents he could not pursue his dreams and he left his school after Class III.

Although Ali could not afford a lavish lunch but the five days long wishing ceremony comprised of
dal, chicken curry, rice, sweets, vegetables, and curd that made the guests really happy. His son
Shamim was showered with gifts like pencils, stationery, books and wristwatches even.

The gesture of this poor family to promote his son’s education is commendable and the whole of the
country should be proud of it.

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