Weird games we were not even aware that they existed

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Are you one of those who think Kabaddi and Ice Hockey are dangerous? You are sure to have a change in opinion as you witness these sports. Here are some of the weirdest and craziest sports you never know but exist:

Ultimate Tazer ball

Ultimate Tazer ball, sports

This sport is popular in United States of America and United Kingdom. This is a gigantic ball which should be put into the net. The game is played usually in freezing cold. The players possess tazer guns. Players of opposite team are allowed to utilize gun on the player who is with the ball. The tazer is capable of emitting up to 5 milliamps of electricity which is a prerequisite for bringing a person down.

Royal Shrovetide football

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This sport has gained high prominence since the 12th century. Played primarily in Ashbourne of England, the only rule of the game is no murder. Played twice on a yearly basis, the game includes throwing the football into the mob. The game primarily comprises of two teams which are the Down’Ards and the Up’Ards.


games, sports, weird games

Played mainly in Finland, Kitewing is recognized to be the latest adventure which is devised for making the dream of flying of humans come true. It is primarily skiing in addition to flying. Players can go for skiing with a device known as Kitewing in the arms. The device confers the prerequisite lifting at higher speeds with an eye to taking off and flying.


games, sports, weird games

This game is also popular in Finland. In this game, checkmate looks for checkmate within the boxing ring. The game is considered to be the ultimate test for battle and brain supremacy. There are mainly 11 rounds in the game. Each round comprises of 4 minutes of crazy boxing in addition to 4 minutes of chess.

Shin Kicking

games, sports, weird games

The game has come into being almost 400 years ago and is still played in England. The rules of the game are quite simple. You can kick the opponent in the shin for making him fall down. If you are capable of doing so, you are the winner of the round. A match primarily comprises of three rounds. The player who wins two out of three becomes the winner.

Wife carrying

wife carrying, games, sports, weird games

In this game, male competitors go for racing after carrying female teammates. The ultimate goal for the male is carrying the female partner via a unique obstacle track within the shortest possible time. Different types of carries that are practiced are inclusive of fireman’s carry, piggyback. Estonian style.

Underwater hockey

underwater hockey, games, sports, weird games

Popularly known as Octopush, this game is played primarily in the United Kingdom. It is essentially a limited contact sport. In this game, two teams enter into a competition for maneuvering a puck beneath a swimming pool into the goal of the opposite team. This is done after propelling the same within the hockey stick.

Extreme ironing

extreme ironing, games, sports, weird games

This is considered to be extreme sports in which individual opt for ironing boards in different remote locations in addition to iron items of clothing. It contributes to being the latest danger sport in which thrills of extreme outdoor activity is combined along with the satisfaction of well-pressed shirt.

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