Walk into Your Favorite Restaurant at its Peak Hours and Bam!!! You Have Your Seat

Wait time feature

Tired of waiting in the restaurant for your table bookings or reservations? Ever lost your control and shouted at the manager, for waiting long hours to get a table? If choosing dining options from among the variety of restaurants present in your area is a hectic job, waiting in a crowded but favorite place is an even more herculean task. Don’t feel left out! Everyone loses their patience at such situations. Well, you have the perfect solution for this with the latest Google to-be-launched update in the Google maps.

On Tuesday, Google announced a new feature called as Wait time feature updated in the Google search section, through a blog post. It is said that the Google Maps would be shortly getting the update in a few days. You could type in a restaurant’s name in the search option and get to know the waiting time in the restaurant to get your table. This helps you to plan your timings and not waste random minutes seated in the restaurant’s reception area. So, basically, this brand new feature shows you the estimated wait period in the restaurant and how much time it will take for you to get your seat with regard to the vacancies. You could check out this feature of “Wait time estimates”, in the “Popular times” and “Visit time duration”   which was launched earlier.

This feature is typically new to the maps section, but has just been added in the Google search section among the Google apps. The data and information that comes up to a million numbers of restaurants, from around the world is contained in this update. It keeps you updated on the status of the approximated wait period, in the restaurant from time to time, so that you could plan it out perfectly. It keeps its heads up on the scrutinized historical data with pop ups that show you the represented status of the restaurant – Busy, usually not busy, usually busy. It is such that you could entirely avoid the wait time in the restaurants and get a seat the moment you enter it.

Google has gone its way to give the best outputs to its users conveniently. This is regarded to be a useful update for the food lovers and people looking to spend peaceful evenings with their beloved ones.

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