UPSC preliminary exams toughest in the last few years

196 Grace Marks Awarded to the Students Who Took NEET in Tamil Language

On Sunday over 12000 aspirants appeared for UPSC examinations at Vijayawada centres. Around 27

centres were allocated across the city and the examination took place in two shifts – one in the

morning and one in the evening.

Across the whole state, only three cities were allocated centres for the examination. The cities are:

Tirupati, Vijayawada and Vishakhapatnam. Over 40,000 candidates from Andhra Pradesh applied for

the UPSC examination.

There were two papers in total and as per the initial review of the students; the paper 2 was a bit

difficult and trickier. Most of the questions took time in analysis and they were asked in a difficult

manner. Students are in the expectation of a reduced cut off this year.

Considering the difficulty of the paper, the cutoff is likely to drop this year and it may bring a sigh of

relief to the students.

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