Travel To Maldives With Your Spouse With a 1 Lakh Budget, Including Flights!

Travel To Maldives With Your Spouse With a 1 Lakh Budget, Including Flights!

Everyone wants to explore aqua beaches and snorkeling in the shallow waters. The common notion among people today is that the Maldives is expensive and regular people like you and I cannot afford a trip to the Maldives.

Here’s everything you need to know about a trip to the Maldives within 1 Lakh.

Male is the most preferred destination, to begin with, most of the time. But here’s an interesting fact. The Maldives has a southern part of the islands too. We’ve curated a perfect family trip for 5 to 7 nights in the Maldives within 1 lakh.

  1. Don’t take a flight to Male. Take a flight to Gan Island instead. There is a direct flight to Gan islands from Bangalore which is way cheaper than Bangalore-Male flight. Prices range from Rs. 25,000-35,000 for two people, roundtrip.
  2. The island consists of some of the finest resorts and homestays on the beach. The tariff can be anywhere between Rs.2,000 to Rs.15,000 per night. If you choose to chill at one resort for 4 to 5 nights, then get a resort which has a private beach and food included in the package. This would cost you between 10,000-15,000 per night.
  3. Spend less on the stay and more on the experience. Yes, the island hosts a wide range of activities like snorkeling, island hopping, diving, and other fun sports for a reasonable price. You can rent out the gears and enjoy your vacation. Set a budget of 25,000-40,000 only for activities for both you and your spouse together.
  4. Try public transport as much as possible. The fun of traveling on public transport is very different here. You don’t have to struggle with traffic or travel km together to reach from one spot to another. The entire island has a stretch of 15 km, that’s all!
  5. Try local restaurants and cuisine to understand their culture better. Don’t just restrict yourself to luxury resorts, rather spend way less in local restaurants. A meal for two ranges anywhere between Rs. 1000-2000.
  6. Bikini wear and alcohol are frowned upon in this country. As a tourist, localities expect you to dress decently and avoid alcohol as much as possible. When in public places, do keep this in mind.

Overall, Gan island is way cheaper, less-crowded, and beautiful! The right time to visit the island is anywhere between November and April.

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