Top Instagram hashtags of 2019

Top Instagram hashtags of 2019

Instagram users search for specific hashtags and click through them to find interesting content listed under the hashtag.  Here is a comprehensive list of 10 most popular hashtags that can give you maximum visibility in the year 2019.










Brands create unique hashtags and run campaigns based on them. This gives them the opportunity to engage with their audience, who are active social media users. Some of the most popular hashtag campaigns that gave tremendous results to business are:

#IceBucketChallenge by ALS Association

#WantAnR8 by Audi

#ShareACoke by Coca Cola

#MotoShowtime by Motorola India

#BadhteChalein, #JerseyKnowsNoGender by Uber India

These campaigns have spread awareness, improved brand recognition, user engagement, and return on investment.

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