Rajasthan Royals Support Go Green Initiative By Accepting To Plant Saplings In Rajasthan State

Rajasthan Royals Support Go Green Initiative By Accepting To Plant Saplings In Rajasthan State

Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) support Go Green and now Rajasthan Royals also support the movement by planting across the Rajasthan state one million saplings, was announced on Sunday.

This initiative will be carried out with the help of few NGOs and mainly with the assistance of Government of Rajasthan.

Ranjit Barthakur, Executive Chairman, Rajasthan Royals, spoke on Royal Challengers Bangalore Go Green Initiation and said, ‘The RCBs Go Green approach has brought great changes in perception. It has revealed the social responsibility that is matted with environmental sustainability.

“We are pleased that Amrit Thomas and RCB have chosen RR for the Go Green match.”

As per information, RCB and Virat Kohli, their skipper presented their sapling to Ajinkya Rahane, RR captain, on Sunday. This ceremony was to mark the beginning of an initiative to be taken by Rajasthan Royals such that their team will begin planting saplings across the outside edge of its fortress, Sawai Mansingh stadium and other various locations across the Rajasthan state.

Rajasthan Royals also work towards educating their people so that go green, rainwater harvesting, carpooling, waste management etc, are taught.

“RR has been conscious and participative that their efforts are toward protecting Mother Nature in all possible ways. We will work to make pro-environment and request their stakeholders to pay attention to energy efficiency measures and also to concentrate on other operations such as water and other energy sources and to manage waster better, said Barthakur.

“Sports are known to bring communities together.  RR is already known for its social responsibility and so aims to find ways to build or develop a healthy environment with the stakeholder’s full support, besides followers and fans support. A Go Green garden will be made soon to promote the Royal Challengers Bangalore Go Green Initiative, he added.


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