Quick guide: Causes of hair loss and preventive measures

Causes of hair loss and preventive measures

Hair loss has become a common problem at present. Loss of hair occurs owing to a disruption in the shedding and hair growth or in case the scar tissue replaces the hair follicle. Though it is tedious to completely understand the causes of hair loss, one of the above-mentioned factors may be responsible for the conditions:

Hormonal changes

Imbalances in hormone result in loss of hair. This can be due to childbirth, pregnancy or even the onset of menopause.

Patchy hair loss

If the immune system of the body attacks the hair follicles, there may be sudden hair loss, leaving roundish and smooth bald patches on the skin.

Scalp infections

Infections like ringworm cause an invasion in skin and hair of the scalp, resulting in hair loss.


Hair fall also occurs due to intaking of drugs used for arthritis, high blood pressure, cancer, depression, birth control.

People may even suffer from general thinning of hair several months after emotional or physical shock. Hair loss also occurs owing to radiation therapy to the head. Apart from this, certain hair treatments and hairstyles are considered to be responsible for the loss of hair.

Foods to prevent hair fall

In order to prevent hair fall, you can include the following food sources into your daily diet:

1. Spinach

Spinach consists of high amount of iron, sebum, magnesium, omega 3 acid, calcium, potassium, iron. Thus, intaking spinach regularly is beneficial in maintaining lustrous hair and healthy scalp in addition to preventing hair fall.

2. Sweet potatoes and Carrots

The presence of vitamin A in carrots is useful for the improvement of hair growth. Sweet potatoes consist of beta-carotene which is converted to vitamin A in the body. This, in turn, is useful in order to prevent hair loss.

Apart from this, yogurt, milk, eggs, cheese are loaded with essential nutrients such as vitamin B12, protein, zinc, iron, omega 6 fatty acids that aids in fighting hair loss.

Lifestyle changes for preventing hair loss

If you are suffering from excessive hair loss, adhere to the following lifestyle changes for a noticeable difference

1. Say no to smoking

Smoking is considered to be a primary reason for hair thinning. Quit this habit in order to prevent hair loss.

2. Exercises

The right exercises are also beneficial for the prevention of hair loss.

3. Stay away from chemical treatments

Refrain from using chemicals on the hair and oil it on a regular basis for preventing hair fall.

Opting for the below mentioned natural treatments can also bring a halt to hair loss:

• Applying a mask of egg white and olive oil thrice a week.
• Application of coconut oil on a regular basis.
• Application of banana mask.
• Application of fenugreek powder and honey twice a week.
• Apply aloe Vera gel twice a week.

Hair loss has gained high prominence in these days. However, the inclusion of right food in the diet, alterations in lifestyle habits, and procuring certain natural treatments may prevent hair loss to a considerable extent and promote the growth of hair.

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