No more plastic surgeries, we have 3D Skin Printers to produce human skin.

3d Skin Printer

According to researchers, use of new 3D printing technology can be beneficial for the healing of burns at a faster rate. It can bring a revolution in producing the right human skin. A latest developed method for the use of the modified printer, covering wounds with the aid of healthier skin cells will be making traditional burn treatment a real history.

View of experts

According to the team of researchers of Charles III University of Madrid, with the use of latest 3D printing technology, it is possible to produce the right human skin. Jose Luis Jorcano, an author cites that it is possible to transplant the skin to the patients. It is also used in the business settings for testing cosmetics, chemical products or pharmaceutical products in quantities along with prices and timetables which are compatible with the usage.

The human skin

The new human skin is recognized to be the very first living human organs which are created with the use of bioprinting for getting introduced in the marketplace. It is beneficial in replicating the natural structure of skin along with the first external layer. The epidermis along with stratum corneum renders protection against the different external environment along with deeper and thicker layer, viz, the dermis. The last layer comprises of fibroblasts which are capable of producing collagen. It is a protein, conferring mechanical strength and elasticity to the skin.

Use of bio-inks

According to different experts, bio-inks are recognized to be the key to 3D bioprinting. During the creation of skin, injectors along with biological components are utilized in lieu of colored inks and cartridges.

According to Juan Franciso del Canizo, a researcher, it is essential to have an understanding how to combine the biological components and in what conditions they should be worked on, ensuring that the cells are not deteriorating. It is also essential to know how to deposit the product in a correct manner. The acts of deposition of bio-inks, licensed by BioDan Group and patented by CIEMAT, is controlled with the aid of a computer, that deposits the same on printer bed for the production of the skin.

It is possible to carry out the technique of producing the issues in two days: where allogenic skin is produced from the stock of cells on an extensive scale for different industrial procedures as well as the production of autologous skin that is comprised of the cells of the patients for the therapeutic usage like the treatment of severe burn.

Advantages of bioprinting technology

The procedure of bioprinting enables the generation of skin in an automated and standardized way. The procedure costs a reduced cut off from the pocket as compared to manual production.

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