With New Google AI, You can have real time conversations with strangers

Talking to strangers is the most difficult task for many of us. What if you have an assistant who can do the needful for you? It will be great, wont it? Now with new Google AI, you will find it very easy to talk to any stranger or even your known contacts in real time.

With the help of Artificial Intelligence, the Google assistance can now book your appointments. The system is called Duplex and the company claims that it can easily process the complex conversational tasks like ordering food, setting meetings and other tasks where coordination of speech is required. However, the feature is not yet available to public but it is being tested at the Google centres.

A demo of the testing is popular where the Google makes two different calls, one to a restaurant to order  food and other to a hair salon. The conversation was so real that the person at the other end could not make out that a machine is calling from the other end.

The CEO said that they have been working on the technology of nuances of conversation since many years. The user will ask the Google Assistant what they need and then the Google Assistant will then process the input of the user and feed it to the Duplex, which will further contact the business.

Although it may have its pitfalls but we are looking forward to a future where the Google Assistant will be able to perform all the tasks for us.

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