The NCERT Syllabus to be Reduced From 2019 – a Sigh of Relief to Many Students

NCERT syllabus

The HRD minister Prakash Javadekar told in an interview that the NCERT syllabus would be reduced from the upcoming year. He accepted that the syllabus is more than the BA and courses and hence it is required that the whole course is revised.

The syllabus will be reduced to half with an objective to provide students with some time to indulge themselves in other activities like sports, arts etc. Along with strong academics, other activities are equally important for the overall development of the children and hence the whole syllabus in under revision. He further said that this is the stage when children need full freedom to develop strong cognitive skills. The HRD minister has given orders to reduce the syllabus to half and it will be effective from 2019.

As a part of reforms in the education system, the HRD minister also planning to introduce examinations and detentions. In the next budget session, a bill will be passed regarding the same. He further added that examination gives targets and provides competitions, without examination, the element of competition will be lost. If a student flunks in March he will be given the next chance in May, if he flunks both the times then he will be detained.

Upgrading teaching methods

The HRD minister raised concerns over the poor teaching quality in the country. He said that poor teaching leads to poorer results. He said that the basic task of a teacher is to assess the students and mentor them accordingly. He said that under the Right to Education ACT 20 lakh teachers were to be trained but actually only five lakh were covered.

Around 14 lakh teachers are undergoing special training and this could bring a reform in the education system. As far as the much talked about the New Education policy, the HRD minister said that a final report would be submitted by the end of this month.

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