Nasa’s Spacecraft, TESS On Expedition Looking For New Planet

Nasa’s spacecraft, TESS on expedition looking for new planet

Nasa blasted on Wednesday its spacecraft, Tess, on new planet hunting. This spacecraft is a $337 million satellite that will scan the skies to 85% for cosmic bodies where life can exist.

This spacecraft is in the size of a washing machine and is out to search the solar system outside. It will scan the brightest, nearest stars for periodic dimming signs.

SpaceX launched this $337 million satellite out on a mission of the atmosphere to look for planets beyond our solar system.

Nasa’s planet hunter is blasting on a Falcon 9 rocket towards space on Wednesday evening. This incredible launch displayed the powerful rocket leaving fire and smoke on the huge trail as it tore the sky after local time 6.50pm.

Tess is a multi-million dollar mission designed to work on the Kepler space telescope, its predecessor. It is anticipated of TESS to reveal beyond solar system 20,000 planets and this also includes over 50 Earth-sized planets and nearly 500 planets that are less than two times the earth size, said Nasa.

The discoveries are studied by space and ground-based telescopes for habitability signs, including a rocky terrain, identical to Earth-size and distance from the sun so that there is the right temperature.

The planets stories will continue after detection, said on Wednesday, the Tess program scientist, Martin Still. A Tess researcher, Natalia Guerrero at the MIT said on Nasa TV in an interview after the launch that ‘It was so emotional and incredible’.  She was on the team that serves the spacecraft’s eyes in building four cameras. The cameras are actually tiny but are certainly mighty.

These cameras are 10cms across lenses and fit in a mailbox. They can have an entire constellation as they are really powerful. Tess will survey cosmic terrain than 2009 launched Nasa’s Kepler Space Telescope, its predecessor.


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